Who Can Ever Know the Heart?

MIDI arrangements:
Who Can Ever Know the Heart? - MIDI (clarinet)
Who Can Ever Know the Heart? - MIDI - (clarinet- slightly different)

Who Can Ever Know the Heart?

Can my heart ever know
Can its fruit truely show
All the stuff that's in store,
Good or bad from the core?

Can more debts that I bear,
Mean more love that I share
To the one who forgave,
And then, gave all to save?

Who can ever know the heart---?
How does one ever get that smart?
Can I be sure that my heart won't ever be deceived?
Well, endless searching can't fulfill
But God and His free grace will.
I must trust my heart to God and believe.

Well, one son said, "No! No!"
Then he thought he'd best go.
He came through, though delayed.
It was good he obeyed.

The next son said, "Yes! Yes!"
Then forgot all the rest.
He was good to intend,
But was bad in the end.


Does a pat on the back,
A reward or the lack,
Slows me down and give pause:
Do I work for applause?

Is that smile real inside?
Do you feel but you hide?
Are impressions you leave
Something real or perceived?

Lay your heart upon Christ Jesus
Let Him work through what you do
You can hide in His perfect righteousness
Stake your life upon Christ Jesus
In His likeness we become
Our reward is with Jesus, aren't we blessed?


David Davis copyright 2007/2009

The star verses are: Jer 17:9-10, with I Sam 16:7, Ps 44:21, Pr 16:2, Pr 20;27, Pr 21:2-3, I Chron 29:7, II Chron 6:30, Jer 12:2-3, I Cor 4:5, and I Thes 2:4 being similar. Pretense is described in Ez 33:31-32 and Pr 10:18. No pretense is described in Pr 15:13. Actions are described in James 2:26 and I John 3:18-20, the latter saying that actions speak more loudly to God than sacrifices, and that God is greater than out feelings. The first verse is from Luke 6:43-45, and Luke 7:36-50. The second verse is from Math 21:28-31