Two Sons - MIDI (clarinet)

Two Sons - MIDI (Sax/guitar)

Two Sons

Two Sons

There once were two~ sons
But then one had felt so low
His brother won over his sacrifice
His hurt pride came out to show
With a jealous hard death blow
A guilty heart is not worth that dear price

There once were two~ sons
And away one spent his stake
But he came back to his dad feeling down
His dad said, "Celebrate!"
Then his brother's face deflates
At least, the one who was lost has been found

There once were two~ sons
But one didn't want to hoe
At first, his 'yes' became 'no' follow-through
The other's 'no~'
Became 'Oh, I'd better go'
Then, he obeyed, he did what he should do

There once were two~ sons
Both these heirs had disagreed
Ways to divide it were never enough
Oh, but despite all the greed
God still knows all of their needs
And he provides for their good, not just stuff

Bridge-like Sum-Up Verse:

You know that actions will test
If one knows God's righteousness
Behaviors show from the heart's overflow
Our loving Father prunes back
And another doesn't care
You know the fruit of the heart is to share

David Davis copyright 2008/2010