To the Rescue

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To the Rescue (ps. 34)

Call the Lord and He will save you
He is there to protect you
Just discover for yourself that the Lord is kind
For when trouble comes
The Savior runs
To the rescue

When I asked the Lord, in tears,
"Come and save me from my fears"
I had learned to keep my eyes trained on Him
I was nothing yet I prayed
And He took my shame away
Now, my troubles are not what they had been


Do you want a long, long life?
Then don't say cruel things to spite
And respect the Lord who hears all you speak
Don't tell lies; tell only truth
You be good, not so uncouth
Try your best to live among all in peace


Friend, when you obey the Lord
All your prayers are not ignored
And the Lord will surely watch over you
Although you may suffer much
With His hands, a sov'reign touch,
He will always bring yourself safely through


You are special in His sight
So, whatever is your plight
Those who seek the Lord won't be left in need
While lion young may starve
Trusting God is not that hard
There's no good thing that you'll lack when He leads


David Davis copyright 2012