Time For Jesus- MIDI (Pop guitar)

Time For Jesus- MIDI (Pop clarinet)

Time For Jesus - MIDI (Folk guitar)

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Time For Jesus

Time For Jesus

Centuries from Malachi
Wise men hear a baby cry
Bringing gifts for One who dies
That is how it goes

Egypt gives a safe refuge
Rising from the Jordan blue [Jordan shows what death can't do]
Then, he's reading His good news
Holy, but opposed

Now, at last, it's time for Jesus
Yes, believe the time is ripe
God knows when the glass is full
God comes to your life

Unexpected time for Jesus
Interrupted life pursuits [Interrupting]
In due time, our God comes down
That's when God comes through

Trav'ling on a Roman road
List'ning what the prophets told
Waiting as the times unfold
Time goes on and on

Fishing on the open sea
Sitting 'neath the old fig tree
Wond'ring what the day will be
Just before the dawn


Starving on the words of man
Lacking either goal or plan
Wond'ring who God thinks I am
What is God to say?

Reading the old prophecies
Soaking up on history,
Dan'iel's end time mysteries
Could it be today?


David Davis copyright 2011