The Things I Didn't Do

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The Things I Didn't Do - MIDI harmonica
The Things I Didn't Do - MIDI various instruments

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The Things I Didn't Do

There are things I didn't do
'Cause of a bad attitude
There are things I would have done
But it didn't seem that fun

But it's good to try to bear
With the things we do not care
And in time the task will end
And another task begins

What am I doing nothing?
Why am I always -

Doing nothing?
And going nowhere?
Playing it safe?
Better not share.
To live a life of comfort
And not try to work it through
Gives a life of perfect zeros
From the things I didn't do

When my zeal has gone to wilt
And I'm left with nagging guilt
Even when I'm very low
There are things I still owe

But it's good to make amends
When we do, our heart gets cleansed
For a debt to be repaid
Makes the burden go away


When a dread would come too near
Should I act as out of fear?
Ultimatums or a threat,
Will I act or sit and fret?

But decisions cannot evade
Just because we are afraid
Whether brave or maybe shy
It is good to make a try


There are things I would have tried
But they might bring out my pride
What I do as to the LORD
Might involve this world's reward

Yes, it's good that I obey
And to give myself away
Than to bask in past success
And in heaven, getting less


There's are things I didn't do
I can't save and keep my soul
Only Jesus can do that
Only He can make me whole
More like Him and less of me,
I will follow in His way
Filled with love, myself to die,
I can do all things through grace

(chorus - no lift)

David Davis copyright 2010