Thank You - MIDI (clarinet)

Thank You - MIDI (doodle singers)

Thank You

Thank You

Thank You, Lord, for grace
Grace that frees my soul
From the pow'r of sin
Grace that makes me whole

Thank You, Lord, for love
Love that meets my need
From a life of want
Love that cares for me

Thank You, Lord, for hope
Hope that greets my heart
From a bleak dispair,
Hope that lights my dark

Thank You, Lord, for faith
Faith that keeps my life
From an aimless end
Faith will be my guide

A life of milk and honey
Has its good along with stings
But You want me to
Give You thanks in everything

Thank You, Lord, You're here
Here and now You're mine
And Your Love will last
Till the end of time

Thank You, Lord, for life
Life that lives in praise
From a heart that's glad
Thank You, all my days

Copyright 2008 David Davis

Streaming mp3 files of the vocal recording and of the 1977 tape recording of the song when I picked out the melody are at: My Soundclick site