The Son's Prayer - MIDI (piano/flute)
The Son's Prayer - MIDI (piano)
The Son's Prayer (cleaned up, corrected, and quantized) - MIDI (flute)

The Son's Prayer

The Son's Prayer (John 17)

Father, now the time has come to glorify your Son
And your only Son gives it back to You
I showed You to all my friends and they obeyed your word
They know You sent me, that I came from You

I am coming to you now, but these I leave behind -
Keep them safe from wrong, send my joy within
I've sent them into the world to serve and teach your truth
I will be in them, You will be in me

In the world - it will hate them
In the world - they don't belong
Keep them 'way from evil
Give them shelter
Through the awe and power of your name

Now, I pray for all believers who will learn the truth
May they be as one as You are in me
Give them glory so the world will know that You sent me
You love them as much as You had loved me

David Davis copyright 2008

song verse 1: John 17:1,1,6,8
song verse 2: John 17:13,15,17-18,23
song Bridge: John 17:14,16,15,11-12&15,11-12
song verse 3: John 17:20,21,21,23