Remember - Revised MIDI (clarinet)

Remember - MIDI (clarinet)

Remember - MIDI (piano)




When the sense of wonder fades
And days are dim and dull
And activity can't make the heart feel full
Take a look around and see
Creation's splendid signs [fine designs]
Let the beautiful come often to your mind

And -
Remember that our God still works miracles
Remember all his works and his Word
Remember Jesus Christ gave his life up on that cross
He arose, our vict'ry's assured

When the truth is undefined
And spokesmen echo lies
And the facts are hidden under their disguise
Raise your eyes to what is good
And keep the pearls you find
Let God's treasure dwell within your heart and mind


When distress comes suddenly
And shakes you to the core
Oh, it hurts so bad, you can't take any more
Think that once at Golgatha,
Christ bore our weight of sin
He knows love and pain and broken hearts within

He lives, our faith is secure

David Davis copyright 2009