Psalm 23 - Renewed

Psalm 23 - Renewed (Is 11, 30, 35, Rev 5:5)

The Lord's my Shepherd, I'm content.
He sets me down to rest.
He leads me to the lush green grass,
Still waters calm and bless.

And He restores my spirit's life.
He steers me from the wrong,
And to the paths of righteousness,
So His repute is strong.

Though I may walk in death's dark gloom,
I'll fear not for hard times.
You're right beside me to protect,
You guide to ease my mind.

You will provide and show You care,
Despite those spying me. [To those who observe me]
You bless me from my head to toe.
You fill me, "A" to "Z ".

Your goodness and Your mercy, both,
Will seek me like good friends.
And I will live in Your own house,
Forever, when life ends.

copyright (c) 2006 David Davis

Music by Jessie S. Irvine (melody: "Crimond") Original words Scottish Psalter, 1650