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Promises - MIDI (Contemporary/Jazz)
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Promises mean God will keep His word
So believers, then, will be assured
Look in hist'ry, hold on to the past
See the hope of promises that last

God gives wisdom, courage and not fear
Rest and peace of mind, yes, God is near
Strength to hold on when misunderstood
God provides when things don't look too good

Promises, from God, come true in time
Yes, there's 'if's and 'but's. Should I claim them all as mine?
I seek the Kingdom and the prize
I'll focus all my life on Christ (glor'ous Jesus)
He's a big, loud 'Yes!', our 'Amen'

God accepts us, comforts and will guide
All the thirsty drink up and abide
God forgives us, cleanses us from sin
Takes our old life, makes it new again

Christ will come in if someone receives
God will answer prayer if one believes
God is good, and He won't hold it back
All things work together in His plan


God's preparing mansions, heaven's home
Interceding, Christ is on His throne
He rewards us, honors us for faith
Good things come to those who watch and wait

David Davis copyright 2008

This is the fraternal twin of "Thank You". I developed this song quite a bit more than it's 'twin'. But the seed musical idea goes back to just before Jan. 1976. 'Promises', like 'Thank You", came from what I heard in the first notes of the melody.

I studied several books on God's promises such as "A Field Guide To Bible Promises" by Helen Haidle, "Hope For All Seasons" by Daniel J. Simundson, and many websites including rbc ministries - "How Does God Keep His Promises?" at:

It contains several promises from God, plus, 2 Cor 1:17-22 came in handy. It seems to be partly a lament.