Pickin' Out Bones (revised)

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Pickin' Out Bones (I Thess 5:21)

You can take his high opinions
(or) You can leave them all behind
You can take his social theories
(or) You can give them all no mind
But when it comes to the bible
The real truth comes through just fine
To discern the gospel message
Means that Jesus still can shine

Pickin' out bones
Checkin' truth like fish exposed
Pickin' out bones
Seek the Word that God disclosed
Pickin' out bones
Sort the catch just as it should
Pickin' out bones
Take a hold on to the good
Pickin' out bones

You know, some were for Apollos
And then, some were more for Paul
There were preachers seeking glory
And then, some felt least of all
But the Word of God was published
Though some men had 'dropped the ball'
So, our God was given glory
And the people heard God's call


Some wear wide and bright suspenders
And a bow tie to impress
They're so full of all their stories
Pardon them if they digress
But the Spirit even shows then
Without words that can express
When the aim of the whole sermon
Is to equip and to bless


Outro (tag):
So, do all you can to God's glory
And leave all the results to - Jesus

copyright David Davis 2009/2014

Besides I Thess 5:21, other verses are Matt 14:47-48, Luke 4:18-19, I Col 1:12-, 3:4, 4:6, II Cor 4:2-6, I Tim 1, 4, 6, Phil 1:15-19, and the other many verses about false teaching and prideful teachers, "beware ...".