Only Yesterday

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Only Yesterday

Only yesterday, I was captured,
Stuck so hard in life long sin,
Living out my selfish desires,
I was pulled into their spin.
But You saw my situation,
And You knew right where I've been.
Oh Lord, thanks for graceful disruptions
When You closed the door on my yesterday

Only yesterday, sin was master,
It was all that I would crave.
But I hated that I felt guilty
At the pleasure that it gave.
So, I stopped, You made me wonder
What I'd be if I were saved.
Oh Lord, thanks for You intervention
When You closed the door on my yesterday

B Section:
My Jesus, my Savior
Yes, You bled and died for me
You love me and lift me up
And You'll make me whole
For my soul
Deliver me
Deliver me

Only yesterday, I was frightened
When I thought if I would die.
On my mind were some worldly places,
Not the realm above the sky.
Now, I know Your resurrection,
I no longer live in fright.
Thanks for giving me new directions
When You closed the door on my yesterday

David Davis copyright 2011