MIDI arrangements:
O2Sing - MIDI
O2Sing - MIDI (alternate harmony 1)
O2Sing - MIDI (alternate harmony 2)
O2Sing - Yamaha (trumpet/flute)

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O2Sing [(echo)]

O to sing of secrets in the heavens
echo: (Lord of heaven)
Day and night, the sun and stars all make their rounds
echo: (God of wonder)
Without voice, yet they whisper things that God has done
echo: (The Creator)
I will sing, then, for God's cosmic glory has no bounds
echo: (Full of glory)

O to sing the wisdom of the heavens
echo: (Lord of heaven)
In my heart, I know that all God's laws are right
echo: (He is righteous)
Like His love, His instruction lasts forever
echo: (Reign forever)
I will sing then, since His teaching brings me in the light
echo: (God, our teacher)

O to sing, of worship in the heavens
echo: (Lord of heaven)
God is great, His judgements always just and fair,
echo: (To His honor)
Praising God, singing, "Holy, holy, holy"
echo: (Full of glory)
But here I sing, breathing oxygen within the air
echo: (Halleluia)

David Davis copyright 2012