New Boss

MIDI arrangements:
New Boss - MIDI clarinet
New Boss - MIDI clarinet (alternate syncopation)

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New Boss: Alto sax
New Boss: Guitar
New Boss: Alternative syncopation - alto sax

New Boss

Another morning cup of coffee, Lord,
Another workday afternoon,
Another day to show I love You, Lord,
To worship You all the day through

You give the coffee bean its flavor, and
You know the picker's needs and wants,
And the barista is Your servant, Lord,
They all have made You their new boss

Another day of work assignments, Lord,
I see the orders piling up
To meet the challenge of job expectations
I need strength. You fill my cup.

I need to sort and stack production, and
I need to constantly re-stock
I need to talk with some new buyers, Lord,
I need to be like my new boss

I give You honor, ev'ryday.
You're my Lord and Master on earth
It gives me pleasure, yes it does.
I'm Your servant here at work

[Second/Alt. Chorus]
I give You honor, in all ways.
You're my Father since my rebirth.
And I am grateful, yes, dear Lord.
I'm Your servant here at work

You know coal miners, welders, and steel workers
You know nurses on each shift
You know food servers, and good clean up workers
And the one on the fork lift

They put their love in ev'ry effort. Yet,
They make their pride a grateful loss
They honor those who are more worthy, and
They owe their souls to their new boss


David Davis copyright 2010