Look Around - MIDI

Look Around

Look Around

Look Around. There's a woman drawing water at a well.
There's a pris'ner who's so sad with much time in his cell.
Look Around. There's a purpose with each person that you meet.
So, expect good will come. Go and bless those that you greet.

Look Around, Look Around,
Fields are ripe with the harvest.
The yield's plenty but the workers are few, so few.
Look to Jesus, look to Jesus,
See His eyes of compassion.
See your neighbor, see the stranger, see Jesus, too.

Look Around. There's that someone with a wond'ring, puzzeled look.
Then again, he's been reading what it says in the good book.
Look Around. There's the person who has burdens on their mind.
So, before you answer him, give a listen and be kind.


Look Around. There's some people that some others will ignore.
There are those who are sincere, who are nearly at the door.
Look Around. There's some people who are happy that you came.
In their heart, they're so ready, now, to call on Jesus' name.

Look Around

copyright 2006/2008 David Davis