Like a Dove - harmonica

Like a Dove - sax

Like a Dove - sample with chorus down a fifth

Like a Dove - JohnH's w/ chorus down 5th

Like a Dove - JohnH's w/ chorus down 5th w/ ending

Like a Dove - raising first note of verse up a fifth (transposed down 4 half-steps)

Like a Dove - raising first note of verse up a fifth (no transpose)

Like a Dove - new try at chorus down a fifth (and raising first note of verse up a fifth)

Like a Dove

Like a Dove

verse 1:
A dove flies alone in a world of flood
Looking for some food in the blue
It lights on a branch for an olive leaf
All in the ark have good news!

It had hovered o're waters deep
A new world had woken from sleep
How beautiful came the good news - with wings!

Like a dove, good news flies upon humble wings
A message of grace in the Spring:
It's 'peace with God' from a heart of love
To serve of ones life for a soul - like a dove

Once there was a time doves were sacrificed
When someone had disobeyed
The innocent died for the guilty one
And the sinful deed was paid

Sin had broken God's holy heart
And it always kept man apart
Then, God gave His grace for a brand - new start!


verse 3:
But then, Jesus came, a new day began
And He took a Jordan bob
And out of the sky came the Spirit sign
Flying downward like a dove

In the river was the Christ
The Spirit met His rise
The Father was glowing in His - delight!


And He served all His life
And He lived for to die
And He paid full for sins for a God full of love, full of love

New Chorus:
Now when the storms of life blow in from the sea
And I want to fly 'way to hide
But in my spirit life I will search for You
In peace, I'll be free and abide - like a dove

David Davis copyright 2007