How He Changed My Heart! - MIDI (clarinet)

How He Changed My Heart! - MIDI (guitar/horn)

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How He Changed My Heart! - mp3

How He Changed My Heart!

How He Changed My Heart!

What a happy day
When I finally trusted the Savior with my choice
My glad heart had then rejoiced
There were praises in my voice,
I found the way

Oh, this happy bond
It's the bond that has sealed my own vow to follow him
When the Spirit's lead begins
Then the promptings nudge within
And I respond

How he changed my heart!
How he changed it for real!
All at once God came within me and he says I'm all brand new
How he changed my mind!
These are things God revealed:
Jesus washed my sins away
Taught me how to watch and pray
I'm rejoicing ev'ryday
It's true

Now the deed is done
I belong to the Lord and I know that he is mine
His rich mercy always shines
I will follow close behind
I've just begun

I can take a rest
From conflicting desires, for the Lord will ease my load
When his kingdom is my goal
It is pleasing to my soul
It's for the best


Let all heaven sing
For a sinner's redeemed and now knows that he was wrong
It's in Christ where he belongs
And his thirst for God is strong
He loves the King

Come and celebrate
Ev'ry brother and sister will live forever more
What good things there are in store
When God's blessings will be poured
The Lord is great


David Davis copyright 2009