Good To the End

Good To the End - MIDI (original baroque harp/ with modern recorder/whistle)

Modern arrangements:
Good To the End - MIDI (accordian)
Good To the End - MIDI (guitar)
Good To the End - MIDI (horn)
Good To the End - MIDI (recorder)
Good To the End - MIDI (vibraphone)
Good To the End - MIDI (clarinet 100 tempo)
Good To the End - MIDI (harp)
Original version: Music Notation: "Difyrrwch Gwyr Dolgellau" (The Delight of the Men of Dolgellau)
Modern version: Music Notation: Good To the End

Good To the End

So, where do (did) I come from? and where will I go?
I'm searching for answers that I want to know
And, Who am I, in such a vast universe?
These questions keep coming, who'll quench my deep thirst?

I just look in God's holy Word for the answers
At times, though, I don't comprehend
Yet God holds the key that unlocks mystery
And I know that His Word is good to the end

So, will Jesus save me from sin and from hell?
And, can I know surely and know what to tell?
And, can I forgive those who give me offence?
How can I confess when I've made such a mess?


Just what is the future that God has foretold?
And when are the prophesies due to unfold?
And how is the great joy that God has in store?
The questions keep coming, I'll think of some more.


Is that in the bible? or Is that unwise?
Is that the whole truth or a lie in disguise?
Is God here beside me? Can I hear His voice?
Does He hear my prayers or does He just hear noise?


So, why is there pain and such suffering and loss?
And what does it mean that I carry my cross?
And Can I act wisely with God at my side?
And can I live freely with nothing to hide?

David Davis copyright 2007 (words)
music: traditional Welsh folk tune,
"Difyrrwch Gwyr Dolgellau" by Ar Log
("Delight of the Men of Dolgellau")

The story behind writing this song is interesting. Here is a description:

Story Behind: Good To the End