God's Delights - MIDI

God's Delights

God delights in all the upright
He delights when we obey
He takes pleasure when we fear Him
He is pleased when we act (in) faith

God delights when we deal truely
He delights with holy prayers
He is pleased with honest measures
He enjoys bein' kind and fair
He is Just

God's delighted in His Servant
And He loves His only Son
He is very pleased with Jesus
We should listen to this One

So, this One that He has chosen
Has been given His support
But He took on all our failures
(So) we can have a good report
We please Him!

Bridge (solo):
The hippopotimous
Wild donkeys and the ox
Some things that God delights
Aren't in my "box"
The ostridge that runs fast
The crockadile, so strong ...
God's creatures, by design,
Are never wrong

(optional Bridge second-half)
The ostridge that runs fast
The crock and the old goat
I get nervous thinking they'd
Be on MY boat!

(pause - Up Key)

God delights in all His people
'Crowns the humble to be saved
He invites us to His kingdom
For right now and for always

God delights in all our praises
And we know He is Lord
He delights in the new City
Coming down with our reward
For all time

Outro: (instrumental - fade)

David Davis copyright 2007

Sources: Pr. 8:35, 11:1, 11:20, 12:22, 15:8, Is. 42:1, 53:10, 62:4, Jer. 9:24, Ps. 147:1, 147:11, 149:4, Job 39-41, Micah 7:18, Matt. 3:17, 12:18, 17:5, Mark 1:11, Luke 3:22, 12:32, 2 Pet 1:17, Heb 11:6