God Is Light

MIDI arrangements:
God Is Light - MIDI trumpet, as in notation
God Is Light - MIDI trumpet Yamaha
God Is Light - MIDI fluglehorn Korg
God Is Light - MIDI trumpet Yamaha (variation)
God Is Light - MIDI clarinet
God Is Light - MIDI clarinet one-note

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God Is Light (fluglehorn Korg)
God Is Light (trumpet Yamaha)

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God Is Light

Goodness knows, it gets attractions
Showing love for one another
Pleasing God with all ones actions
Goodness comes in many colors

Kindness is a moral virtue
Puts my heart in place of others
Isn't that what those in Church do?
Goodness shines and love's discovered

God is light
He shows His glory in reflection
God is light
He shines it out in all directions
God is light
His light will never be extinguished
God is light
His truth and beauty are distinguished

Righteousness is shining brightly
And the dark is creeping hither
Purity shall walk uprightly
And God's children live together

Holiness highlights the bible
Only God could give it's teaching
It has nothing as a rival
It's effects are so far reaching

The dark has nowhere to go
The light is easy to find
And God says, "Let your light show"
Oh, do let God's holy light shine

Under light, truth is revealing
Giving straight and honest answers
In the dark, lies are concealing
Satan's falacies like cancers

Truth can be so liberating
Getting free and gaining vision
No more deadends and mistaking
Foolish ways for right decisions


David Davis copyright 2011