First Place

First Place

In the beginning, the Word who was God
had a plan and made the World. Some call Him the 'First Cause'.
He, created the first man in His image from dust.
And between God and man, - Oh! There was a total trust.

Once was a garden of Eden an awed-
land of life where the first man and his wife walked with God.
From a bite that was forbidden, they hid, then were chased.
They weren't righteous, for they - Had just sinned in the first place!

For all their days long
They had felt so wrong.
They had hid their face.
(And the curse had just begun.)
Sin grows common place.

Once there was Jonah who wanted his way.
And he ran the other way, but he had to, then, pay
Then he sank down deep to hide deep inside a big fish,
then he came to his sense: - This was not what he had wished!

After three days long
He knew he was wrong.
He turned about face,
(and did what he should have done)
In the first place.

His name was Jesus, the Son of __ God.
And He taught them, but some men in charge thought He was odd.
And they sought to cut Him down, and his form was abased.
But for sin (He) gave His life, - And He died in our own place!

And in three days long
Something seemed so wrong.
And then He was raised.
(Glory to the only Son.)
For this He's praised.

All praise the Father, the Spirit, and Son.
And we praise the three in One for the deed He has done.
All our life, then, we will live just for Him in His grace,
Just as if we had not - sinned like this in the first place.

Jesus won the race,
(Saved the human race).
He did win first place.
Did He win for you?
Do you know it's true?
Does He have first place in your life?
Does He have first place in your rights?

(music outro)

copyright 2006 David Davis