Everyday With Jesus

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Everyday With Jesus

Everyday with Jesus, everywhere I go
He is always with me, He is always close
He's with me in sunshine, He's with me in rain
He's with me in good times, He's with me in pain

Oh, God's so great, He is everywhere
And God sees all, He's invisible
And God knows all, 'even knows my name
And God's so good, He is holy, holy, holy, holy

Everyday with Jesus, gentle but so strong
He is always patient, He forgives the wrong
Jesus loves all people even when they're mean
Jesus gets all honor, He's the greatest King


Everyday with Jesus, He is oh so smart
He knows all the answers, 'knows them all by heart
He knows what I'm thinking, He knows your mind, too
He knows all our history,
He knows all things,
He knows all things,
He knows all things through and through

Everyday with Jesus
Everyday with Jesus
Everyday with Jesus ... (fade)

David Davis copyright 2008