Do Not Be Afraid

MIDI arrangements:
Do Not Be Afraid - MIDI clarinet
Do Not Be Afraid - MIDI Another version with Sax/bells
Do Not Be Afraid - MIDI Vibes (revised chorus)

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Do Not Be Afraid (another sax)

Do Not Be Afraid

Once near Bethlehem at night
Shepherds saw an angel or'e the field
They were scared at such a sight
But the angel in the sky revealed

And He said -
Do not be afraid
I bring you good news of great joy.
There's a Savior born to you.
All praise to God on high.

And this will be a sign to you:
There is a baby wrapped in cloths
In a manger like a bed.
This baby is the Christ.

In a Christmas play one night
Children knew most all their lines by heart.
Yet some got such a bad stage fright
That they forgot to say their part.

Still they sang -

Christmas comes but once a year
And we freely tell our friends of Christ
It's a time to shed our fear
And to share our love and shine the light

And let's sing -

David Davis copyright 2009