Come by Here, Lord - MIDI

Come by Here, Lord - Sax - mp3 - (much better than MIDI)

Come by Here, Lord

Come by Here, Lord

Day after day I seem to feel a little blasè
Come by here, Lord
Dry, Lord, I'm dry, but I'll try to see You today
I thirst for You

Revive me, Lord, make me see
How You love even me
Help me to be aware
Of how You work and care
Come by here, Lord. [I thirst for You]

Since I've moved away from You
I can't tell 'false' from 'true'
I've received the life that You gave
Now, it's faded and frayed [What's left is lemonade]
Come by here, Lord. [I come to You]

Could my heart be cold?
My thought-life isn't gold [-has some mold]
Though I want to be nice
Inside, I feel like dry ice
Come by here, Lord.

Could I be just luke warm? -
'Don't make waves, just the norm
Life can be plenty dull
When ones glass is half-full
Come by here, Lord.

Every now and then
I can't tell you when
It happens very odd
An appointment with God!

Only You, Lord, set the time
It's no longer just mine
You even give me faith
Faith enough to wait
Come by here, Lord.

I keep watching and waiting
And anticipating
'Start my days with lots of praying
(And) what the Word is saying
Come by here, Lord.

Oh, Lord I do complain
My faith does wax and wane
Keep me watching for You
Tell me what I'm to do
Come by here, Lord.

Thank You, Lord, for what You've done
Giving Life, You made me a son
Forgive me for my selfish view:
Only what I can get out of You

copyright 2007 David Davis