Come By Here, Lord - 2010

MIDI arrangement:
Come By Here, Lord - MIDI clarinet

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vocal: Come By Here, Lord
instrumental: Come By Here, Lord

Come By Here, Lord

Day after day my life feels blase`
Where have You gone?
Where'd I go wrong?
Dry, Lord, I'm dry, and I thirst for You
Water of life
Life made so right

Lord, it's been a while
I forgot that I could smile
Now, I have a need
And I need You, now, to lead
Come by here, Lord. [I thirst for You]

You gave me the life I'm wearing
It's tearing, faded and frayed
I can't live by false impressions
There's tensions since I have strayed
Come by here, Lord. [I come to You]

You, Lord, set the time
But I'm watching for a sign
Lord, You gave me faith
I have faith enough to wait
Come by here, Lord.

I can think back when
I had faith to spend
Wonders never ceased
I had had Your peace

Could my heart be cold?
And my thought-life less than gold?
I want to be nice
But I tried some bad advice
Come by here, Lord. [I thirst for You]

Maybe, I'm luke warm?
I Don't make waves, just the norm
Life can be so dull
When my glass is just half-full
Come by here, Lord. [I thirst for You]

My mind keeps anticipating
I'm waiting, watching for You
I search what the Word is saying
I'm praying, 'What do I do?'
Come by here, Lord. [I come to You]

Lord, I do complain
Oh, my faith does wax and wane
Make straight all my steps
So, I stand up to the test
Come by here, Lord.

Thanks, Lord, for what You have done
You gave me Life like Your Son
What am I goin' to do with You?
Will I ever get back to You?

(Extra Outro - instrumental)

copyright 2007/2010 David Davis