Another Year

MIDI arrangements:
Another Year - MIDI clarinet
Another Year - MIDI Jazz style: vibes

Soundclick Page: Another Year (alto sax)

Another Year

Another year/ is now dawning
Another year/ in the offing
Oh, just as/ January lights the sky
Old De/cember fades to black
Another year/ now arises
Another year/ for surprises
Oh, Lord we/ come to You to celebrate
For a/nother year is like a brand new slate

Another year/ for Your blessing
Another year/ for Your testing
Oh, Father,/ let us be more like Your Son
Let us/ give You all our best
Another year/ in Your training
Another year,/ You're sustaining
Oh, let us/ grow in faith and in Your grace
For in/ You we find our peace and rest each day

You are faithful
You're unchanging
(and) You are in control
You give courage
You give strength
You will guide us through it all
You are timeless
Only You know what the future brings
The peace You send is a peace of destiny
Your love will never fail
Your compassion is rich and free
You promise never to leave us all alone
You promise never to leave us on our own

Another year/ Lord, we're trusting
Another year/ of adjusting
Lord, we will/ lean on You to show the way
And we/ praise You for Your truth
Another year/ that's awaiting
Another year,/ let's keep praying
We know that/ all things work out for our good
Though the/ seasons change, we know that You remain

David Davis copyright 2010