MIDI arrangements:
1John - MIDI clarinet


God, unseen, we discover
When we love one another
God lives in us
And his love is complete in~ us

Love is God's true reflection
Love works with imperfection,
As we live in God
Then our love will become more and more complete

God showed he really loves us
His Son came to please justice
So, look at us,
Now he calls us~ sons of~ God

Jesus gave up his body
(The) Spirit helps us live godly
And we've overcome,
Overcome o'er the one that is in the world

How can one hate his own brother
And love his Maker, too?
How can love of God dwell in him?
And how can one see his poor brother
With no compassion there?
How can love from God dwell in him?
Let's live not just by words
But by our deeds

Love works up into boldness
Love cuts through all the coldness
Fear melts away
When God's love is perfected in us

Aren't we living forever?
We will meet God together
We'll be like him
Face to face, we shall see him as he is

David Davis copyright 2010